You’re here. You’re ready for change.

To give yourself some time to find peace, calm and clarity.

To change how you feel, to enable you to reach your potential.

To move forward.

What is Energy Healing?

It is an easy, painless and simple way of achieving positive change.

We are all made up of our physical DNA which has been carried down our family line for countess generations. Within us is also energetic DNA, which affects our thoughts, emotions, health and physical wellbeing.

Our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and life experiences that are positive help lift us up and drive us in great directions. The ones that are negative pull us down, and make life heavy in many different ways.

Energy Healing is the ability to quickly and gracefully release these heavy, low vibration emotions and thoughts that are holding you back, enabling your body and spirit to heal and help itself become a better you.

It works by clearing away what we don’t need, and infusing in what we do, so we can be our best selves.


Each 55 minute session is personalised to what you need, what is best for you to overcome challenges and move forward in a peaceful, positive direction. Because energy moves quickly, a lot can be covered in one session. Because all seven energy systems of the body are cleared, change is effective and dynamic.

Lauren Turner



Lauren Turner is an Energy Intuitive and Coach, and Energetic Lift Practitioner. She was also trained in and practiced the SimplyHealed Method for over six years.  Lauren is gifted with the ability to quickly identify and release the root of an issue that has been causing distress, frustration and hampered the client’s ability to move forward. This then allows the client to feel revitalised and to be their best self.

She loves how using the Energetic Lift method allows things to be moved quickly and easily, without it having to be talked through in detail. Being able to clear energy blocks this way has changed her and her family’s life for the better, and continues to do so. She loves how a client comes away from a session feeling so much lighter and peaceful, which gives them the strength to make lasting positive changes in their lives.

Lauren lives in Newcastle, NSW Australia with her husband and three children.

So what is the Energetic Lift Method?

Blending the art of healing with cutting edge research, Energetic Lift is a powerful method of healing that clears negative emotions and blocks on a physical, emotional and mental level in an easy and non invasive way. It is simple, proven and effective! Using the Energetic Lift reduces stress, and helps create a state of mental and emotional well being.

It frees up energy that is tied to present or past hurts, disappointment, fear and loss.

It transforms negative or limiting beliefs that hold you back and resolves conflicting feelings and eliminates self sabotage.

It deepens your connections to yourself, others, your spiritual source and also your business and workplace. It clears blocks and energetic clutter that may be holding you back from moving forward in your career or leading the life you know you want to lead.

The Energetic Lift is also wonderful at locating flaws in your energetic DNA that have been passed down the generations, and repairing them. Sometimes these things have been in our lineage for many generations. Things like anxiety, depression, fears, phobia, ill health and even money problems are things that can be passed down through your energetic DNA. Through Energetic Lift we can trace the issue back to its origin and remove it from your lineage, and yourself.

Energetic Lift works because the intention is to release the emotion of whatever created the limitation in the first place. It goes to the point of the creation of the limitation, to negate it at its source, whether that occurred in your childhood years, last week, or several generations ago.

Booking a Session

Booking a Session is Easy

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Sessions are conducted either via Skype, Facebook Messenger or over the phone. Local clients can book an in-person session also.


55 min session is $120.00 AUD

30 min session is $70.00 AUD

Payment is due at the time of booking. Payment must be received before a session will commence.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please contact Lauren at least 24 hours in advance to be able to receive a credit towards a future appointment.

Consent and Release Statement

I understand that the Energetic Lift session given involves a natural method of energy clearing for the purpose of releasing negative energy blocks and infusing positive energy. I understand very clearly that these treatments are not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological care. I understand that Lauren Turner does not diagnose conditions, and is not a licensed therapist or physician.

By scheduling an appointment, I acknowledge that I have read the above statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Energy Therapy differ from traditional therapy?

A traditional therapy session generally involves a lot of talking and going over the same issue. With energy therapy, it isn’t necessary to relive every detail of the past trauma to have it cleared and released from your system. Your energy and inner wisdom already know all the details, we just need to locate the emotions that are attached with that memory. Through certain techniques, those emotions (anger, betrayal, fear, sadness etc) are released from the body AND the energy field. The memory of the incident can still be there, but the pain and emotional turmoil of if is gone. Energy therapy gets to the emotional and energetic root of the problem and clearing it from its source efficiently.


How is this Healing work done long distance?

Because energy is not limited by time or distance, the work is just as powerful and effective, whether you were sitting in front of me or over Skype. When doing a phone or Skype session, I simply muscle test on myself to get the feedback from the client’s energy. I also then do the integration on myself for the client.


Do I need to lie down for a session?

No, when a session is in person we just sit in chairs that face each other. Over phone or Skype, I would sit at my desk and the client could be wherever they are comfortable.


How long is a private session?

The session is 55 minutes.


Is an energy therapy session like a psychic reading?

No! Please don’t come to the session expecting to be told specific answers about future events in your life. Energy therapy is about clearing blocks, traumas, fears, phobias, anything that is holding you back from being happy and living your best life. Once the negative self talk and stuck issues are gone, you will experience more peace and clarity. This then enables you to focus on trusting yourself and making your own decisions for what is best for you on your journey.


Do I have to believe in this for it to work on me?

No, you can keep your skepticism and still have this work for you. Your body’s intuitive wisdom will process and benefit from what it knows is for your highest good, whether or not your conscious mind thinks this work is “a little out there”. Your inner wisdom will not pick up something if it deems it not in your highest good. The integrity of the Energetic Lift Method never allows anything to be integrated without first checking if it is in your highest interest. Of course, you can consciously block any of the energy work being accepted, if you are happy and comfortable living in a lower vibration.


At what age can these techniques be used on children?

Because the Energetic Lift Method is so gentle and can do no harm, there really is no age limit. I have worked on many children and babies, and their energy is light and sweet, and also very accepting. Children can pick up many vibrations around them, and it can affect them in different ways. Also, children born in this day and age are the “chain breaking” generation. They are carrying a lot of tendencies from their family line in their genes. For the child’s highest good, any negative generational issue can be cleared.


What is meant by “Clearing ancestral issues”?

Just as we have our families’ physical DNA that has been passed down our ancestral line, we also have their energetic and emotional DNA. Sometimes we may be upset or bothered by something, and we think to ourselves, “Why does that get to me so much?” Well, sometimes it’s not even our issue! If we have an ancestor that went through a trauma, or had a particular negative belief pattern, and we inherited that emotional tendency, certain life situations seem to magnify it in us.

Ancestral issues are very common in this work. They can be attached to a variety of different issues, but particularly depression, anxiety, addictions and negative financial beliefs come through the generation line. When clearing ancestral issues, it also clears for anyone in the lineage who carries the issue. So moving that issue can clear it for many in your family line.


How soon will I notice results?

The energy shifts immediately with the integration, like a light switched on in a dark room. Most people report they feel much “lighter” after a session, and that is because they literally are! Emotions such as depression, guilt, fear etc are low heavy vibrations. Once released, the space left by them is filled with much lighter, higher vibrations such as light, truth, love, joy and forgiveness.

With some issues, you immediately notice they are no longer there, because you are no longer bothered and weighed down by them. The fear is replaced with peace and calm. With other issues, even though the energetic change is in place, you may not feel the change right away. Sometimes we need to be in a situation where that issue was previously a problem, to notice that it is no longer there bothering you.

I have noticed in myself and my family’s life that sometimes when issues have been cleared, I didn’t realise the amount of positive impact it has had until later when I have looked back and seen the good changes that have occurred since releasing the negative and re-framing it as a positive.  Sometimes, the fact that you are no longer bothered with a certain thing makes it easy to simply forget that you had a problem with it.


I have been a client of Lauren Turner’s for several years and book a session with her whenever I feel that areas of my life need changing and improving. It could be that I feel that I am not dealing with stressful situations well and need some help processing life’s challenges. At times it’s because I feel sluggish in body and mind and need a revamp to pick me up to speed and motivate me again. Occasionally I call on energy clearing for difficulties in relationships with loved ones or for family members that I know are struggling in some way. Sometimes it is because I just can’t shake a negative experience or a feeling of sadness that has settled over me. Or for so many other reasons such as needing clarity, finding focus or breaking unhealthy patterns or habits. When Lauren works on my energy, within a day or so I begin to feel like whatever was bothering me is beginning to dissolve and is replaced with strength, assurance and a new outlook that is unaffected by the previous ailment. I often feel improvements both physically and mentally and there has never been a session where I didn’t feel a significant shift in me or my situation for the better. I have also seen and felt huge changes in my children when I have had energy clearing sessions done vicariously for them. I now rely on it to help raise happy and balanced kids. Because I use energy work as a regular part of my well-being and holistic family care, I know when it is time for another session and know that whatever is ailing me, an energy clearing always will help.
Clementine P
Lauren’s service is like no other.
She has a unique ability to assist with energy work without explanation, and her wise counsel is just as valuable.  Her understanding, wisdom and acceptance makes it easy to confide in her.  Lauren’s service has helped me in many ways, I highly recommend her intuitive talent & positive outlook.
Tash D
Every time I book in Lauren to do some energy work for my children, husband or myself either in person or via phone we’ve always had results. Sometimes the results happen straight away or sometimes it has taken 24hrs for me to notice a change. But I know I have come to rely on having a session with Lauren at times when my husband or myself have felt very overwhelmed, quite negative, or even so weary that life is a struggle. I believe Lauren has a gift to be able to see what needs to be resolved and it brings feelings of peace and love into our lives.
Jane C



I asked Lauren for help with clearing some energy for my son who regularly gets very upset after playing a rough game of footy, and who I know is energetically sensitive. I am familiar with energy work and noticed that after a big hit, experiencing some kind of on field trauma or anything unpleasant in the game, he would often get very upset in the car, until he became inconsolable at times and nothing I did helped him. One day I called up Lauren after his game and booked in a session as soon as she was free. As Lauren checked his energy systems, then cleared and realigned them, he immediately stopped crying and settled down and soon after, ‘got over’ all the stress the game caused. He was very settled before the session was even over. This allowed me to then take care of him physically and emotionally in the other ways he needed after a tough game; he wouldn’t let me help him before Lauren worked on him. Lauren described that some of his energy systems had been put ‘out of place’ by these unpleasant experiences. Thankfully she put them back in place and after some TLC from mum, my son was himself again. For kids like my son who feel deeply affected by seemingly ‘normal’ things, energy clearing is so beneficial.

Gloria K



I had heard of Lauren and the energy healing she was doing and felt it would be a great thing to look into for my daughter. My daughter was having a lot of anxieties, fears and an overall uneasy feeling. Seeing as she was only six this needed to be dealt with and I felt Lauren maybe able to help in some way and we organised a session. Lauren was amazing. She works so efficiently and confidently at moving through the issues and clearing them. She is thorough and has a wonderful understanding of people and what they feel.

After the healing my daughter had noticeable change, my husband and I were overwhelmed with the lightness we could feel from our child. She seemed to have moved a lot of the issues she was having. Since then my family and I have seen Lauren on a number of occasions and every time we are blown away with the results. I have recommended a lot of people to Lauren as I believe she has a real gift and each person who sees her agrees with me.

Amber C



I’d never heard of Simply Healed before, but I am very open to all modalities of natural therapies. I love anything that is a positive change, and I found Lauren to be absolutely confident, calm and very healing. I think that Lauren is amazing at what she does. I believe everyone should be made more aware of this modality as it really does work.

My sessions with Lauren have helped me become much more calmer in my life and more aware my own sense of mind/ body/ spirit. I am a very busy Makeup Artist and mother to 2 beautiful and active boys, and I have found that through energy sessions with Lauren I have more peace and balance in my life. I thank her very much for taking an interest in me and for her time and effort.

Lee H



My experiences with Lauren Turner, a Simply Healed Energy Intuitive have been extremely positive and very helpful.

Her unique skills have assisted with removing emotional and mental blocks, and also stopped a minor physical alignment that I felt was related to some negative energy in my life.  

I love how Lauren uses her skills to clear energetic issues without it becoming a counseling session. There is no bringing up of personal issues to be dealt with. It is purely a sense of having your “inner being” revitalized and removing “energetic stuff” that might be stopping you from moving forward and being able to shine.

Lauren comes highly recommended with her natural ability and skill and is fantastic at what she does and loves doing this.

Seleisa D



Lauren’s skill first became apparent to me when she treated a grandchild. The comfort and contentedness she brought to a formerly distressed and anxious child impressed me greatly.

Some time later, in a difficult time in my life after an acrimonious separation, the mother of the child client suggested I might benefit from a visit to Lauren.

I made that visit and I did benefit enormously; in part because someone recognised and was able to describe the nature and cause of my anxieties with a minimum of explanation and because of the strain that was subsequently lifted.

Lauren’s treatment extended to a property which was for sale as part of the dissolution and within two weeks there were two visits and one offer (not accepted) for a house that had had no interest for the best part of two years.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lauren to help understand and relieve a person’s anxieties in a process that doesn’t add to the anxiety.

Mal K



I feel I have been very blessed to know Lauren and to have her as a great help to all of my family.

On many occasions she has been able to help me especially in very stressful situations. Immediately I can see a difference after she has done her work.

She shows compassion and confidence, which creates a feeling of love and peacefulness.

Lauren is very good at what she does and I believe has a special gift.

I am so very grateful for all she has done and I would highly recommend her to anyone who I feel would benefit from her skills.

Maggie S



My first experience with Simply Healed  I had many past connections identified. Lauren made it very clear to me the reasons I have always felt different to my other family members, and why I still have such a strong connection to my father, who had past almost 7 years ago. These connections and revelations explained much of my physical ailments. Lauren also helped me understand the connection between my mother and my low milk supply, as I was again struggling with breastfeeding my second child. The experience did leave me with a tingling in my chest, and my supply consequently increased thereafter, leaving my baby more settled after feeds.

The second experience was more emotional. Lauren worked on my tension in my back, and more intense work on my breastfeeding issues, which resulted in more in depth discoveries and healings. My lower back was very painful before the session, and I found the healing left it almost immediately better (I believe due to past experience with my back pain, that if I had not had that session it would have definitely eventuated into sciatica). I was very grateful and relieved that my back hadn’t got to that stage. I believe Lauren definitely has a gift to help the healing process and in many ways speed up recovery for long term ailments. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with emotional barriers that have lead to physical ailments.

Anfisa B