You’re here. You’re ready for change.

To give yourself some time to find peace, calm and clarity.

To change how you feel, to enable you to reach your potential.

To move forward.

What is Energy Healing?

It is an easy, painless and simple way of achieving positive change.

We are all made up of our physical DNA which has been carried down our family line for countess generations. Within us is also energetic DNA, which affects our thoughts, emotions, health and physical wellbeing.

Our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and life experiences that are positive help lift us up and drive us in great directions. The ones that are negative pull us down, and make life heavy in many different ways.

Energy Healing is the ability to quickly and gracefully release these heavy, low vibration emotions and thoughts that are holding you back, enabling your body and spirit to heal and help itself become a better you.

It works by clearing away what we don’t need, and infusing in what we do, so we can be our best selves.


Each 60 minute session is personalised to what you need, what is best for you to overcome challenges and move forward in a peaceful, positive direction. Because energy moves quickly, a lot can be covered in one session. Because all seven energy systems of the body are cleared, change is effective and dynamic.


Lauren Turner

IMG_7615Lauren Turner is an intuitive energy healer, and SimplyHealed™ Practitioner. Lauren is gifted with the ability to quickly identify and release the root of an issue that has been causing distress, frustration and hampered the client’s ability to move forward. This then allows the client to feel revitalised and to be their best self.

She loves how using the SimplyHealed™ Method allows things to be moved quickly and easily, without it having to be talked through in detail. Being able to clear energy blocks this way has changed her and her families life for the better, and continues to do so. She loves how a client comes away from a session feeling so much lighter and peaceful, which gives them the strength to make lasting positive changes in their lives.

Lauren lives a beautiful part of the Central Coast, Forresters Beach, with her husband and three children, who bring her solace and encouragement (and also the occasional exasperating moments!).


So what is The Carolyn Cooper SimplyHealed™ Method?

Blending the art of healing with cutting edge research, Carolyn Cooper’s SimplyHealed™ Method is a powerful method of healing that clears negative emotions and blocks on a physical, emotional and mental level in an easy and non invasive way. It is simply, proven and effective! Using the SimplyHealed™ Method reduces stress, and helps create a state of mental and emotional well being.

It frees up energy that is tied to present or past hurts, disappointment, fear and loss.

It transforms negative or limiting beliefs that hold you back and resolves conflicting feelings and eliminates self sabotage.

It deepens your connections to yourself, others, your spiritual source and also your business and workplace. It clears blocks and energetic clutter that may be holding you back from moving forward in your career or leading the life you know you want to lead.

The SimplyHealed™ Method is also wonderful at locating flaws in your energetic DNA that have been passed down the generations, and repairing them. Sometimes these things have been in our lineage for many generations. Things like anxiety, depression, fears, phobia, ill health and even money problems are things that can be passed down through your energetic DNA. Through SimplyHealed™ we can trace the issue back to its origin and remove it from your lineage, and yourself.

SimplyHealed™ works because the intention is to release the emotion of whatever created the limitation in the first place. It goes to the point of the creation of the limitation, to negate it at its source, whether that occurred in your childhood years, last week, or several generations ago.

Contact Lauren

Lauren Turner
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